CAN Construction & Consultancy (pvt) Ltd holds the ICTAD REGISTRATION from 2015 for Water Supply and Sewerage, Building Construction, Bridge Construction, Highway Construction, Irrigation and Drainage Canals and Storm Water Disposal and Land Drainage which is the leading certification which provides companies core competencies over other service providers.

Our principal shares an active role in each project, in the field, in design reviews and in project quality control efforts. This enables us to provide efficient solutions tailored for each project. Each member of our team strives to find creative solutions to satisfy the special needs of every project with excellence in performance. The results are successful projects and satisfied clients. CAN Construction & Consultancy (Pvt) ltd Constructions is committed to delivering high-quality engineering, design, construction management, and operation services with excellence in execution.

CAN Construction & Consultancy (PVT) Ltd upholds the technical capabilities and range of expertise that you may have come to expect only from very large engineering firms. Our commitment is to provide quality, prompt and affordable service that only a superior engineering firm can offer. We understand the magnitude of our clients’ assignments and commit to working in partnership with our client’s staff to deliver an outstanding infrastructure project for the local community. We explore and evaluate innovative design solutions built on sustainability that minimize impacts, add aesthetic and recreational value while meeting the engineering requirements for the enhancements.

Our approach for any project will address how certain components such as Proposed Project Management Plan, Technical Approach, Schedule and Cost Control, Project Schedule, Development of Schedules-Design and Construction Management, Quality Assurance & Quality Control. Our management approach in any given project is to emphasize teamwork with our clients, local agencies, and our sub-consultants through established lines of communication. T.E.A.M is our motto “Together Everybody Achieves More”.

CAN Construction & Consultancy (PVT) Ltd strongly believes in serving communities. We provide innovative design concepts with sustainable benefits to the communities. Our approach to any project demonstrates best practices for sustainable water resources and roadways projects. Our clients can depend on our responsiveness and full dedication. CAN Construction & Consultancy (PVT) Ltd knows that successful performance on any contract depends heavily on a rapid response from appropriate personnel.